Installing capital equipment such as hospital beds is a significant undertaking for any long-term care facility. There are clinical schedules to work around, resident activities and events, mealtimes, routine site operations, and so much more.

If not managed properly, a lot can go wrong. A poorly coordinated bed installation, especially in a facility with hundreds of beds, is not only disruptive to care teams but potentially hazardous to the safety and health of residents.

Hospital bed installations are typically a one-day project for the SFI Medical team – even up to 100 beds. However, every situation is unique, and sometimes additional challenges come up onsite that must be dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

In this customer success story, we walk you through the process of how we installed 300 hospital beds in a fully populated, actively operating facility in two days – all while facing a unique obstacle due to the older building’s original construction.

In this case study, you will learn:

  • How to run a smooth, minimally disruptive installation
  • How we coordinate around resident care & clinical schedules
  • What is needed for good communication before, during, and after install

All in a day’s work!

If you are a director of care or other LTC team member looking to schedule a bed installation or removal, contact our experienced customer service team to schedule a service appointment.

SFI Medical is proudly Canadian owned and operated and we serve customers nationwide. Learn more about our sales and service solutions for long-term care facilities.


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