New LTC Builds: Tips for Outfitting Rooms with the Right Equipment & Furniture (While Staying on Budget)


In this post, we share tips for new LTC builds, specifically outfitting rooms with the right equipment and furniture.

As part of Ontario’s plan to address waitlists in long-term care (as outlined in the 2021 report, Fixing Long-Term Care Act), we are already seeing momentum on the government’s promise of adding 30,000 new beds and upgrading more than 28,000 older rooms.

A key aspect of the planning process is outfitting resident/patient rooms with the necessary products and equipment, including capital equipment and furniture. Those responsible are tasked not only with selecting the right vendors and suppliers, but also ensuring their budgets are properly allocated.

Below are tips on how to successfully procure—and budget for—equipment and furniture, whether you are planning for an entire new facility or several upgraded rooms.

Work With Partners Who Can Accommodate Flexible Schedules and Timelines

As with most construction projects, new LTC builds are often subject to unforeseen delays. At SFI Medical, we offer flexibility according to your timeline, including accommodating all orders, storage, and warehousing of product until construction is completed.

This allows you to secure your inventory in advance once, without having to go back to multiple vendors and embark on the procurement process over and over again.

Obtain Today’s Prices for Tomorrow’s New Builds

Given the lengthy timeline of planning and constructing a new build, prices and supply can fluctuate, making it difficult to get what you need at the right price.

As your equipment partner, we will source the hospital beds, tubs, lifts, scales, and furniture, and other equipment you need at today’s pricing for new builds, whether 18 months to years in advance.

This ensures that you benefit from cost predictability, allowing you to plan and budget effectively for the long term.

Commitment Beyond Sales – Post-Sales Support & Ongoing Maintenance

The ongoing operation and maintenance of the facility involves collaboration between public and private entities, with the government often playing a regulatory and funding role.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. Unlike other vendors, we provide servicing and preventative maintenance long after you have made your purchase, which ensures residents have safe, properly functioning equipment at all times.

Examples of post-sales support for long-term care capital equipment include:

Ready to tackle your next new build? Get in touch with our team today.

SFI Medical is proudly Canadian owned and operated and we serve long-term care facilities nationwide. If you need to source new beds or require servicing, contact our technical team to book a service call today.

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