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Built on a family business for many years, and established as a company in 2013, SFI Medical is proud to serve long-term care facilities and home care customers nationwide.

James Alexander demonstrating modular home care bed, circa 1990

Our Story Begins With Family

In 1961, James Alexander went into business providing medical respiratory equipment for cystic fibrosis patients. After realizing the need for customized medical beds, particularly for the unique needs of bariatric patients and seniors, he spent the next 30 years dedicated to improving patient care and dignity in all healthcare settings.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that James’s son, Scott Alexander, continued the family tradition in healthcare equipment sales at companies including Invacare. In 2013, Scott founded SFI Medical Equipment Solutions to focus exclusively on the long-term care environment.

SFI has since grown from a family business into a national medical equipment sales and service provider serving over 500 customers across Canada and the United States.

SFI's Founder & President, Scott Alexander, joins his father on the road at age 5, 1975.

A Brief History of SFI Medical

The Early Years

After completing his electrical engineering degree at age 19, James Alexander joins General Medical in Manitoba.

Late 1950s

Equi-Med Launches

James launches the Equi-Med company to manufacture respiratory therapy equipment for cystic fibrosis patients.


Origins in Respiratory Therapy

Develops first portable respiratory therapy machine to provide cystic fibrosis patients with greater mobility and freedom.

Equi-Med Expands in U.S. and Canada

Equi-Med expands into all respiratory equipment, selling to patients and facilities across North America.

Innovations in Home Care Beds

Equitron is sold to Sci-O-Tech, where James was involved in the development of their first home care bed.

Home Care Equipment Distribution

James launches Midmark, a distributor selling home care equipment to dealers.

Modular Beds Launched through Equitron

Using the knowledge he has gained about patient outcomes and care, James develops his own modular home care bed under the banner Equitron.

Developing Innovative Bariatric Beds

James begins manufacturing larger and wider home care beds for bariatric patients and selling to KCI, an equipment company still operating today. Scott Alexander begins helping with all aspects of growing the business, including sales and design.

Continuing the Family Tradition

Scott transfers to San Antonio, Texas as lead product manager for bariatric and integration of business units.

Scott Joins Carroll Healthcare

Scott returns home to Canada and joins Carroll Healthcare to manage North American long-term care distribution networks.

Team Building

While at Carroll Healthcare, Scott meets Rob Rush, who worked through service technicians to become service manager.

The Invacare Connection

As Invacare acquires Carroll Healthcare, Scott focuses on Canada, working with national distributors with Bellwether Healthcare, Stevens Company, FutureMed, and Heritage Hospitality.

Rob Takes on Sales Management Role

Rob leaves Carroll to manage Eastern North American sales in new hospital bed spin-off, CHG Beds (now owned by Stryker).

Rail Entrapment Guidelines Released

In an effort to ensure resident safety, Health Canada releases Rail Entrapment Guidelines.

Rob Launches Rush Technical Services

Rob launches his own business as an onsite biomedical repair service provider in Ontario, marketed to LTCs struggling with low or no maintenance staff.

SFI Established as a Company

Scott launches SFI Medical Equipment Solutions, with Rob as Director of Technical Services, to focus exclusively on sales and service of long-term care equipment.


SFI Launches Fresh Brand Identity

SFI Medical takes on a fresh brand identity as it expands its offerings to include sales, parts, service, and training programs for facility teams.

How we can help with your equipment needs?

Whether you are looking for a solution for your long-term care facility, or are shopping equipment for the home, contact our customer service team for a free consultation!
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