Arjo AtmosAir 9000

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The AtmosAir® 9000 Mattress Replacement System (MRS) serves a number of uses, with its primary indication being the prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers. The MRS features a Self-Adjusting Technology™ (SAT) system that responds to patient or resident movement. This is accomplished by automatic adjustments that dynamically respond to these movements and redistribute the pressure in nine transversely positioned air cylinders that are located beneath the patient.


  • A pressurized system comprised of independent, dynamic air chambers and intake and regulator valves
  • 9 horizontal air cylinders
  • Non-powered system
  • Sloped heel section
  • Firm perimeter
  • Raised side bolsters (optional)
  • Customizable length and width (optional) Benefits
  • Helps maximize body weight distribution and minimize tissue interface pressure by automatically adjusting the internal air pressure in reaction to body movements
  • Provide patient support in the torso and sacral area whilst providing pressure redistribution
  • Delivers uninterrupted therapy even during an electrical power failure
  • Helps redistribute weight away from the vulnerable heel area
  • Provides seating support for the patient
  • Helps to facilitate patient ingress/egress
  • Helps provide proper fit on a wide variety of bed frames


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