Guldmann Basic High Bariatric

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The Guldmann Basic High Bariatric sling is a general lifting sling suitable for bariatric users. The sling supports the entire body including the head.

The sling is a version of the Basic High model from the Guldmann ABC range, where the design has been adapted to accommodate bariatric people. In addition to having an increased lifting capacity, the bariatric sling is fitted with longer and wider leg straps and features broader dimensions for both upper and lower body. Positioning pockets on the back and on the inside of the leg straps, help to position and fit the sling.

The sling is ideal for lifting, moving and positioning users who have reduced control in their head, upper and lower body. It can be used from a seated or lying position, for example from the floor, bed or wheelchair. The Basic High is designed to be a general lifting sling to achieve most lifting situations.

The Guldmann Basic High Bariatric is available in sizes 3XL, 4XL and 5XL, this sling is made of polyester durable material that is easy to work with.

Lifting capacity of up to 500 kg/1,100 lbs.

The sling can be used with all Guldmann ceiling lift systems and mobile lifters.

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