Rane RR7-II Atlantic

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The Rane RR7-II Atlantic provides safe, easy access and an enjoyable bathing experience for residents, even those with the most limited mobility. The most unique attribute of the Atlantic is its ability to raise and tilt the resident while bathing. The water in the foot pool rises to warm and clean as it redistributes the bath water over the body. The side door raises up out of the way to allow safe, easy access for all your residents. This particular tub is versatile enough to allow ambulatory residents to step in, as well as providing safe access to those using standing or walking aides and even those in wheelchairs. It works well with a lift for those who need extra assistance in transferring. The Atlantic has Rane’s anti-scald mixing valve with a fast, efficient auto fill feature that quickly fills the tub at a rate of 15 gallons per minute. Choose from right or left swing-up door with Rane’s trademark KeyLock™ mechanism that eliminates leaks. Depending on your floorspace, you may want to select an Atlantic Tub as an island with 360-degree access for ease of care for your staff. Speaking of your staff, they will appreciate the built-in disinfecting system between baths. The RR7-II Atlantic will create a lovely spa-like atmosphere to your facility.


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