Where to Buy Medical Equipment for Seniors at Home


In this post we provide tips and resources to help caregivers and loved ones find medical equipment for seniors at home in Canada.

For many seniors and their families or caregivers, shopping for the right medical equipment for the home can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. This can range from hospital beds, lifts, and mobility items like walkers, among others.

It can be difficult to find exactly what you need, and there are many factors to consider, including price point, availability, make and model, features and benefits, servicing, and suitability for the living area.

Read on to learn where to buy medical equipment for seniors at home in Canada.

Finding What You Need

If the senior’s medical team has made recommendations for items you need, the first step is knowing what the clinical requirements are. There are multiple brands available in Canada, with different makes, models, and capabilities.

It is up to you which items you choose depending on your budget. In any case, be sure to thoroughly read the user manual and contact your healthcare practitioner for any medical questions you may have.

Shopping for Medical Equipment Online 

Below is a list of top-selling brands, available to purchase online: 

Hospital Beds – Standard & Bariatric: 

  • Arjo 
  • Drive Medical 
  • Graham Field 
  • Invacare 
  • Maxi Rest 

Hospital Bed Mattresses: 

  • Arjo 
  • Drive Medical 
  • Invacare 

Lifts – Ceiling, Portable, Sit-to-Stand: 

  • Amico 
  • Drive Medical 
  • Golift 
  • Guldmann 
  • Invacare 
  • TR 

Hygiene & Tubs: 

  • Aquasense 
  • Invacare 
  • Rane 
  • TR/Rebotec 

Slings – Standard & Bariatric: 

  • Guldmann 
  • Highstar
  • Human Care 
  • Invacare 

Medical Equipment Retail Stores in Ontario 

Shopping in person can be a great way to source your equipment, but keep in mind that not all brands are available in all bricks-and-mortar stores. You might also not find the expertise you need on your (or your loved one’s) medical history and needs. Many retailers offer retail locations as well as online ordering. 

Here are some retail stores in Ontario, Canada that sell medical equipment such as hospital beds, lifts, walkers, and tubs: 

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there may be other retail stores that sell medical equipment in Ontario. 

Purchasing From Authorized Dealers like SFI Medical Equipment Solutions 

Not all brands sell directly to consumers (most don’t, in fact, especially when it comes to large items like beds). Typically you need to purchase from an authorized dealer like SFI Medical Equipment Solutions. 

Not all dealers are created equal, however. Unlike SFI Medical, most will only sell the product and then “walk away” – they will not provide maintenance or repair services after the sale.

You will need to source these services yourself.

Our team is one of the only providers of products and sales that also services the equipment so you don’t need another provider when something breaks – which is important to the comfort and safety of seniors at home. 


Final considerations to keep in mind when planning for a safe, comfortable home environment that includes the medical equipment you need: 

  • Work with a local provider: Look for a local company that has experience working with seniors and their families. Local companies often have a better understanding of the unique needs of the community and can provide personalized service and support. 
  • Consider the range of services: Look for a range of services, including equipment rental, sales, installation, and maintenance. A comprehensive service offering can provide you with the support you need throughout the equipment lifecycle. 
  • Look for expertise: Choose a provider that has experience working with the specific equipment you need. Look for providers that have trained technicians and staff who can provide installation, training, and maintenance services. 


SFI Medical Equipment Solutions provides medical equipment and services to seniors in the Greater Hamilton Area. For more information on hospital beds, lifts, or any of our products, contact us today! Our customer service team is available to guide you through the process, from purchasing through installation, maintenance, and removal. 

If you need more help or have a question about medical equipment for home care, contact our experienced customer service team today. 

SFI Medical is proudly Canadian owned and operated and we serve customers nationwide. For additional cost savings, check our primary service area map to see if you qualify.

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