Graham Field Zenith 7100 Bed

  • Smart Technology
    Digital Electronics enable ‘plug and play’ capability to add features at any time

    • Advanced Positioning
    • USB Power Supply for cell phone charging
    • Underbed Light for resident safety
  • Interchangeable Electronics
  • 500 LB Safe Work Load
  • Travel Range:  7.95”-30”

Key Features:

  • Energy-saving electronics consume up to 66% less power
    than electronics using a transformer
  • Sealed ball bearings in the joints provide maintenance-free
    continuous, silent operation
  • Intuitive 2-pedal locking system – centrally located, easily
    visible from a distance to ensure the bed is locked, and is
    accessible at all heights and widths – even the lowest position
  • US Patent awarded design of high/low mechanism inside
    of the bottom of the mainframe tubes reduces the chance
    of fluids getting inside and harboring bacteria
  • Synchronized high-low motors keep the bed level for
    proper therapeutic positioning
    Industry-leading electronics ensure lower cost of ownership
  • Tool-less assembly
  • SilverSolutions within the powder-coating provides
    antimicrobial surface protection and deters the growth of stain
    and odor causing bacteria
  • Certified for use as a transport device


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