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Learn how we’re collaborating with Hope Foundation Liberia to help medical clinics that are in desperate need of supplies.

Hope House Liberia & SFI Medical Equipment Solutions

At SFI Medical Equipment Solutions, we are committed to providing integrity-based solutions to the healthcare environment. That’s why we are excited to collaborate with Hope Foundation Liberia to donate quality, much needed items to those in need in Liberia.


The country of Liberia has faced overwhelming hardships including a 14-year civil war and the Ebola epidemic. Hope Foundation Liberia began as a Kingergarten school for children.

Now they have expanded to build a medical clinic in the area which will provide healthcare resources to the community.

How LTC Can Contribute

The medical clinic is currently being built by Hope Foundation Liberia.

We’re proud to work with facilities to assess and donate eligible equipment. We will identify which items can be donated and arrange logistics to send them to Liberia via Hope Foundation Liberia.

We’ll also guide you on which items can be repaired and which are past their useable lifetime.

Medical Equipment We Are Looking For:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Manual hospital beds
  • Hospital mattresses
  • Birthing table
  • Bandages
  • Gloves
  • Other healthcare consumables

Want to get involved?

Email us at or call 888-734-4575 to book your free consultation.

How we can help with your equipment needs?

Whether you are looking for a solution for your long-term care facility, or are shopping equipment for the home, contact our customer service team for a free consultation!
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